Temporarily laid off

My thoughts about being
temporarily laid off

Shall I tell you something? since the middle of March I’ve been temporarily laid off from work, which means that I have had a lot of free time, which again means a lot of thinking. Going around thinking isn’t right, it can make us feel so empty, and they can take control over us. But it’s hard not to think when bad things happen.

Good vs Bad

First of all, this has never happened to me before. I’m not going to say that it’s fun to be temporarily laid off from job since it not, but thanks to that, I have done so much in our apartment in a short time. The other thing is that I have so much more time to focus on my health, daily walks, and time with my family. The wrong side to be temporarily laid off from work is that you get so much less money every month, and we need the money since we just bought an apartment. Luckily for me, Daniel didn’t get temporarily laid off from work, so he stands for almost the whole income. Like I said above in this post, all the free time makes me think a lot about how my future will going to look like. It also does something with my mood.

Hope for the best

Yesterday, one of the owners informed me that the company I work in has to downsize, which means that more jobs will be lost, including my position. I can lose my job. Do I think about it all the time? Yes. Do I feel that I’m vulnerable? Yes, I do. I can feel it on my body that something is wrong. It’s a pain in the ass, not knowing if I’m safe or not, and they are going to come with more information later this week.

I’ve no plans for today. Just enjoy the sun while I can. Maybe I should go for a walk or something? Time will show, either way, I hope you get a fantastic day and if you’re home like me – enjoy the sun while you can too!.

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